3 Important Elements To Building A Strong Brand Identity

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Brand IdentityRegardless of how many steps go into the process of developing your brand identity, there are really only three elements that play a major role in influencing the success of your efforts. These three elements – uniqueness, consistency, and exposure – should form the foundation for your efforts to establish your brand in the marketing world and achieve instant recognition for your company, products, or services.

Three Important Elements To Building A Strong Brand Identity


Your brand identity should be unique in that there’s no brand confusion between yours and that of another company. Your logo, color scheme, tag line, and any documented values, mission, or purpose should be as dissimilar from other brands as possible to prevent mistaken identity or unintended association with other companies, including your competitors.


Once you’ve developed a unique brand identity that encapsulates who you are, what you do, and why you do it, an important factor in establishing dominance in your industry is consistency. Everything you do and say or publish and distribute should display and emphasize your brand. Consistency is almost like repetitiveness in terms of making your brand identity visible and recognizable – the more conscious awareness you bring to your brand identity, the more it becomes branded in the minds of your target audience.


In years past, companies were only able to reach target audiences through big budget activities like direct mail, radio advertisements, and television commercials. The Internet has leveled the playing field because it allows small budget businesses to reach the same exposure levels as global corporations.

Simply having a presence on the Internet, however, doesn’t mean that your level of exposure will increase either automatically or immediately. Achieving online visibility on a broad scale requires effort – a great deal of it. You have a variety of marketing channels available to you through the Internet and an equally significant number of tools and resources, but it’s up to you to make those options work for you to their fullest potential.

Some of the marketing avenues on the Internet include:

  • Website & landing page(s)
  • Marketing automation platform
  • Content marketing
  • Blog & guest blogging
  • Social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram)
  • Email campaigns (newsletters, advertisements, etc.)
  • Professional communities (i.e., LinkedIn)

The Final Word

Building a strong brand identity through online marketing can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and provide you with virtually unlimited potential for increasing your ability to attract qualified leads and turn those leads into conversions and customers.