It All Starts With Your Identity

Shea / 18 May / Comments Off on It All Starts With Your Identity / 148

It all starts with your identityWho you are in the business world is more than just your company name, the logo your business carries, or the products or services you offer to the public.  In fact, who you are is really none of those things because your identity is comprised of intangible concepts that form the foundation and essence of your business purpose.  It all starts with your identity.

Before you can truly begin to realize the business dreams you’ve visualized, you have to establish your business identity.  Every move you make into the future of your company’s success starts with the formation of your identity.  In fact, everything about your business, from your executive team to the fine print at the bottom of your contracts, should start with that.

Building a sustainable brand identity is a process and, like any process, it takes time, especially if you want to create a powerful identity that has the potential to dominate your industry, market, or niche, and that has the ability to become an instantly recognizable name, theme, or idea that evokes positive association with your company, products, or services.

It all starts with your IDENTITY

A fundamental aspect of forming your identity for business and marketing purposes is the identification and development of your values, mission, goals, and accomplishments.  Your identity is defined by why you do what you do, what you hope to achieve, what you and your company stand for, and how you want to be perceived by your professional peers and potential clients or customers.  A catchy tag-line, visually appealing logo, fancy product line, and memorable company name do not define your identity although they are small parts of the big picture.

Defining your business and brand identity shouldn’t be seen as a limitation to what you can do or what you can accomplish.  In fact, the opposite is true.  Defining your identity frees you to continue building your company around the core concepts that make it what it is and give it the potential to be whatever you’ve imagined.  Before you can reach for the sky, however, you have to start somewhere – and it all starts with your identity.