Learn How to Increase Your Profits Without Spending a Dime

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When you first read this report, these simple guidelines may seem academic – but almost no one really exploits them. Execution is all-important. You will see that what you say in your marketing is only fractionally as important as how you say it.  It’s time to Learn How to Increase Your Profits Without Spending a Dime.

The strategies discussed in this section are applicable to all types of businesses and to all types of marketing media. Each situation may require a different tactic; but whether you use online marketing, direct mail, display advertising, television, radio, PR, seminars, advertising specialties, endorsements, telemarketing, or any hybrid of the above, the following concepts will help you add to your bottom line without spending extra money.

FOR EXAMPLE: Learn How to Increase Your Profits Without Spending a Dime

Learn How to Increase Your Profits Without Spending a DimeThe Redwood Closet Company designs and installs custom closet systems in upscale homes in a mid-sized city in the northwest. In consulting with the owner, Jack, I was convinced that direct mail marketing could be a profitable advertising medium.

Jack, however, was opposed. He stated “We mailed over 25,000 pieces last spring, but only got five jobs from it. I lost almost $1,200 on the deal. From my experience, home improvement shows are the only reliable source of leads for us.”

After further questioning, I found out that Jack had not implemented even one of the five basic principles in his previous mailing effort. Take a look and see if you can identify each of them as I dissect his approach. In a moment I will list the five concepts, and then discuss each one in detail throughout the rest of this special report.

Their first problem was that they didn’t send out an exclusive mailer. Their ad was a 4-color, 8½ x 5½ sheet that appears on the back of a wine store’s ad. The ad was sent out with a number of others in a Multi-Pak-type mailer. Jack wasn’t even sure which geographic areas had actually received his ad, and he couldn’t confirm that all 25,000 pieces had actually been mailed.

As for the ad itself, it had no headline, no compelling case for their product, and had no specific offer. There was really nothing telling prospects why their closets were better than their competitors, what advantages they provided over the competitors, or what important and relevant benefits would come from using their product – it just said “Here’s our product; buy your next custom closet from us for no justifiable or rational reason.”  Are you beginning to see how you can learn how to increase your profits without spending a dime?

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about how Articulation and Execution Are Everything