Test Every Ad

Shea / 24 February / Comments Off on Test Every Ad / 149

Why would you not test every ad?

How high can you go?The huge increase in response this ad brought in drove home the importance of testing.  How high can you go?  No marketer has the right or ability to tell the market what it will respond to.  Experience can show you what types of things tend to work best, but only testing can empirically prove what works best in any given situation. 

If you’re not already doing it, begin to test every ad you run against another one with a different headline, copy, price, size, color, layout or any detail within.  Place two Google ads with different pitches and see which one works best after a week.  Test new and different ways to articulate your Unique Selling Proposition until you find one that works best.  When you find approaches that are making you money, keep testing to find out, “How High Can You Go?”

Yes, it takes longer to test than it does to not test.  But by scientifically testing every facet of your marketing, you’ll find that in the long run your advertising will be more effective, make you more money, and help your business grow more profitably.  In business as it is in life, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about the principles on How to Write an Effective Ad.