Is Your Marketing Under Leveraged?

Is Your Marketing Under Leveraged?

Is Your Marketing Under Leveraged?

If you’ve been in business for a while, you’ve probably been marketing your company using many of the same basic techniques and generally getting decent results. You know what makes your business work and the tried and true delivers acceptable results. But what if there’s a better way? What if simple changes in your approach and message could take you from average to amazing results?

The Strategic Marketing System™ helps you to create marketing leverage, close more sales, and increase profits without spending more money, time, or effort than you’re already spending. By becoming aware of the five biggest marketing mistakes most companies make, you’ll be able to adjust your existing efforts to build marketing leverage and momentum and you’ll see dramatically improved results.

Thanks to the Internet and online marketing there is a new marketing landscape. The Strategic Marketing System™ is based on these changes. Basic human nature shows that people always want to make the best buying decision possible. Traditional marketing’s approach has always been about selling a product based on price, or how great it is.

Today, a customer can instantly find five other companies selling similar products online at a lower price point. Your job as a marketer has changed. It’s about creating “value” and building customer loyalty by offering high-quality information to help your buyer with their decision making process. Providing information without the sales pitch helps your prospect reach their buying decision, while letting them feel as though they are in control of the entire buying process. Providing them with enough quantity and quality of information will begin to create customer loyalty and drive them to act based on the added value you provide.

Marketing 101: Back to Basics

Whichever method you use, marketing success is based on the three fundamental rules of communication taught by the great business philosopher, Jim Rohn:

  1. Have something good to say.
  2. Say it well.
  3. Say it often.

Good marketing is communication and following these three simple rules are the keys to success. To be successful in any business, you first have to have something good to say, say it clearly and well, and say it often. It seems pretty simple, but the five biggest marketing mistakes that most companies make are firmly rooted in violating these three simple basic principles.

Let’s examine the first major marketing mistake many businesses make. We’ll call it “The Average Joe.”

Mistake #1: The Average Joe

The fact is, most businesses don’t have anything worth talking about. They’re just like their competitors, and they wonder why they have a hard time getting anything better than average sales. They market themselves, but are using methods that have “worked” for years. They have no marketing momentum, and even less marketing leverage. They are usually not even aware of the new strategies available.

There is no course offering in “innovation,” one of the most important aspects for taking your business from average to outstanding! Start by taking a look at your business from different angles and in different ways. Examine your business and those of your competitors. What makes you different? What do you offer that your competition doesn’t? This is where innovation begins.
The Strategic Marketing System™ will teach you different formulas for innovation. The system will help you to think differently about your business, get your brain engaged in creative thinking and give you the marketing leverage to take your business to the next level.

One approach is our Strategic Messaging Formula™ or SMF. The SMF consists of six sections that will help you to take your message and Capture, Connect, Incentivize, and Educate prospects. Once your prospect is connected to your business, you present them with multiple offers to buy, join, or signup to become a customer. The messaging leads them through the process. Providing them the valuable information they’re seeking helps them with the buying decision. You are building loyalty to your brand and company through education, not selling.

This strategy alone can take your business from average, to outstanding while building brand loyalty. Turn prospects into cheerleaders for your business. This is marketing leverage in action!
The key is to first think about your business then get out of the rut of doing the same things and using the same marketing strategies over and over. Beyond just thinking about it you need to have a process for new ideas that will allow the creativity to grow and thrive in your business. This is how you stand out, and stay ahead of the game and your competition.

If you feel like your marketing could be suffering from the “Average Joe” syndrome, give us a call for a FREE Market Leverage Analysis or click the link to fill out our request form. We’ll evaluate all of your marketing and show you how you can fix it to produce better results immediately. Let us show you how to take your business from “Average Joe” to outstanding in a relatively short amount of time!