Success Is All About People

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Success Is All About People

One thing we tend to forget in our daily lives is that at the end of the day we all want essentially the same things. We want to live comfortably; we want our families to be happy; we want to achieve or at least we want not to fail. At the core of this principle is “success.” And success is all about people. It may appear that people are becoming less relevant in our modern experience and that your interaction with them is inconsequential to success, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Business: In business, the idea is to sell your product or service off to a customer who will pay you a premium for it. But how do you notify the world about your business? You do it by building relationships with people. Success is all about people. Your product or service may use the ancillary parts of other businesses who want to see your continued growth and success; if you’ve made a positive impression on these suppliers aren’t they even more likely to promote and/or use your product?

Family: We do all tend to move in a haze of our bleeps and digital handhelds, but why do we have these things? We do it to keep closer to the people in our lives. Success is all about people. If your kids or spouse do not get that unplugged closeness that we all crave they will seek it out elsewhere. So staying connected is important, but it’s not the endgame. Remember the humanity in your personal interactions; turn off your devices every so often, and your relationships will flourish.

Relationships: One of the best ways to reconnect with people is through the digital/social world. See these old friends again and recall your humanity. You crave validation and acceptance from your friends; they do the same from you. And at the end of the day success is all about people. Getting out from behind a screen and seeing someone face to face can be a revelation! Both of your needs for human contact will be reaffirmed and your bonds will be strengthened.

Success is all about people, success is all about people. This should be your mantra as you move through your day-to-day. It can be easy to forget but at our core we’re all just human beings; moving through the world; striving for some type of success. And success is all about people.